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Products and Services

Copy Central Glendale | Legal Copies
Legal Support Services
• Guaranteed confidentiality
• Litigation Copying
• Complete scanning and indexing
• Trial prep services
• Exhibit posters
Copy Central Glendale | Holiday & Special Occasions
Holiday and Special Occasions Printing
While the end of the year is the time for most greeting and calendar card printing, you might have a special event or holiday for which a customized printing project is appropriate.
Copy Central Glendale | Film/Entertainment Support
• Pitch books
• Customized show bibles
• Custom props
• Hold tags and envelopes
• Film marketing packages
• Headshot packages
Copy Central Glendale | Marketing Tools
• Flyers, newsletters, postcards, business cards, brochures
• Variety of stocks and sizes
• Layout and design support is also available.
Copy Central Glendale | Large Format Printing
Large Format Printing
• Event signage
• Poster prints
• Fine art, archival and giclee prints
• Trial exhibit boards
• Blue print copies
• Wide variety of mounting options
Copy Central Glendale | Custom Binding
Custom Binding
• Coil binding
• Wire – O binding
• Perfect binding
• Hardcover binding
• Custom and one-off binding available
• Booklets in all sizes
Copy Central Glendale | Pitch Books
Production Bibles | Pitch books | Wrap books
We print high-quality production bibles, show bibles, wrap books & pitch books.
Copy Central Glendale | Business Forms
Business Forms
• Multi-part forms
• Letterhead and envelopes
• Presentation Folders
Copy Central Glendale | Restaurants & Retail
Restaurant & Retail
• Menus
• Retail and point of purchase
Copy Central Glendale | Scanning Services
Scanning Services
• Legal documents
• Large format drawings
• Original artwork
• Variety of scanning methods
• Multiple formats for saving and storage
Copy Central Glendale | Events & Conference
Events & Conferences
• Programs
• Invitations
• Signage
• Table Tents
• Posters
Copy Central Glendale | Training Materials
Training Materials
• Binders
• Binders with custom tabs
• Coil/wire-O or other binding of your choice
• Large format training aids
Copy Central Glendale | Comic Books & Zines
Comic Books & Zines
Most comic books produced by major publishers are printed outside the US and are produced in the multiple thousands.
Copy Central Glendale | Graphic Design
Design Support
• Current design software
• File preparation and adjustments
• Complete design services from concept to prints
Copy Central Glendale | Fine Arts & Giclee Prints
Fine art or “Giclée” printing
• Authentic giclée prints
• Many stock options
• Extremely high-quality
• Many size options
• Fast turnarounds
Copy Central Glendale | Envelopes
Envelopes obviously come in many sizes and styles. Copy Central has the tools to produce a wide variety of envelopes, from standard mailing and reply envelopes with just one ink color, to more exotic full color envelopes.