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Production Bibles • Pitch Books

Copy Central Glendale | Bibles/Pitch books


We print high-quality production bibles, show bibles, wrap books & pitch books.
– Coil bound or 3 ring binder
– Tabs for separate sections
– Hardback, soft cover, spiral options available
– Visually exciting & custom-made for your needs
– 100% privacy guaranteed (We won’t let others see your work!)
– We can provide design or work with your files
– Quick turnarounds

Production Bible

A production bible is a combination of all aspects of a film production, generally in a visual format. This “bible” will be used as a reference throughout the production to ensure consistency and maintaining a clear vision. The usual items that would be included:
– Project overview
– Project design and styling charts

– Production schedule, including Milestone dates
– All final production art including: reference, sketches, style guides, character designs, storyboards, model sheets, environment designs, Backer boards, color scripts, research material, etc.

We can customize production bibles that document the full scope of how the film or show will look visually. You want to able to give people a real look and feel of your movie. You’ve done the research, collected the images, defined the look and now you want to put all that together.   We can produce books that can be coil bound or put into 3 ring binders. You can have tabs separating each facet of the production, from costumes to set design to character studies.  You want to be able to present everything in a cohesive and easy to use piece.  We know that production meetings, investor meetings, etc. can happen at any time and we are equipped to prepare your material at a moment’s notice. Most of the time we only need a few hours to complete your project.

Pitch book

A pitch is an idea/presentation for a film or TV series created by a screenwriter or film director to a producer/executive in hopes of attracting financing. To maximize your chance of success, a pitch book is vital. 

Pitch books can be tailored to the result you want to achieve. Pitch books need to be visually exciting and let people know that your production is ready to go. We can help put your book together in a way that will stand out from all the others. We’ve developed a unique print and binding style that has since been used by large & small production companies to help pitch new programs. We utilize various stocks to create a wrap around hardcover that incorporates full-page spreads and images that allow for a “wide screen” effect for both the outside and inside covers. We are available to consult on how to make the presentation unique so it makes the impact you’re looking for.

Wrap book

A wrap book is a collection of photos, stories, comments & visuals that are gathered over the course of a production. Often gifted, this is a special way for the cast, crew & production team to remember the film or television show.

We produce high-quality, full color books that can be bound in a number of ways (hardcover, softcover, spiral). We can create your layout and design or we can work directly with your finished files.