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Envelope Printing, Including Short Run Custom Envelopes

Copy Central Glendale | Custom Envelopes

Envelopes obviously come in many sizes and styles.

Copy Central has the tools to produce a wide variety of envelopes, from standard mailing and reply envelopes with just one ink color, to more exotic full color envelopes.

The right envelope can make the difference in whether the message is seen by the recipient. You can use color in the envelope printing to attract attention and make the initial impression that gets your envelope opened and the opportunity to convey your full message.

We have the tools to print short or long runs of a variety of envelopes. You may only need 25, 50, 100 or so of a given envelope intended for a particular occasion. With current printing tools, we can print the short runs in a cost effective manner.

We can also cost effectively print larger runs of 500, 1000 or much more.

The range of envelope sizes and styles is large. We can show you samples of the different options and help you choose what is right for you: Larger flap invitation envelopes, triangular flaps, or more traditional beveled flaps.

We can print full color images on the mailing side and include images on the flap as well.

The capability exists to print larger envelopes up to 10” x 13”.

Depending on the type of envelope needed, we may need to order the stock you need, so it is best to consult with us and plan ahead a bit, so the right stock can be obtained.